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The Art of Interviewing - DVD


Relevant questions and good listening lead to better appointments

The aim of interviewing is to make a reliable assessment of the candidate. Equally the candidate wants to make a reliable assessment: of the manager, the job and the organisation. Meeting both these goals needs a disciplined approach on the interviewer’s part.

Alan Greenwood is a marketing manager. Interviewing is not his real job. This video eavesdrops on him interviewing Evans, an experienced interviewee. The interview is conducted poorly - as Evans accurately points out! He then guides Greenwood through the right way to go about selection interviewing, to the satisfaction of both parties.

By the end of their discussion, Greenwood feels he has the measure of his candidate, and Evans is confident that he has had the opportunity to prove himself to his prospective boss.

The Art of Interviewing provides both the occasional and the seasoned interviewer with a step-by-step plan to get the most from the selection interview. The video includes help with preparation before the interview, conducting the meeting itself, and analysing it afterwards. It also stresses the importance of being aware of current employment legislation.

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Running times

Main video 25 minutes
Summary video: 5 minutes


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