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The Challenge of Objections - DVD


Objections are inevitable – so turn them into a selling tool!

Objections are a part of life. Whether they become a major problem usually depends on the way they are initially handled.

Set in a surreal toyshop, a sales person (John Gordon Sinclair) buys ‘The Selling Game’ from Patrick Barlow. The characters in the ‘game’ are programmed to make objections, and the challenge is in learning to overcome them. Our sales person soon learns that coping with customers isn’t easy.

The amusing failures and successes, which occur during the game, illustrate the techniques for handling objections successfully. The sales person must ‘refine’ a customer’s vague objection into a specific problem, then ‘convert’ it into a question that can be answered and then close the sale.

The examples used come from both product and service industries and will therefore suit a wide audience.

Who could benefit?

Key learning areas

Running times

Main video: 20 minutes
Summary video: 10 minutes


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