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Chain Saw - Safety and Operation


Safety must be a priority to Chain Saw users. The National Proficiency Tests Council's Chain Saw award is recognized by the HSE as showing that Employers are meeting their obligation in respect of training under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and also the self employed are showing that they are helping to meet their obligations under Section 3 of that Act.

Candidates can be trained and assessed on the units that they specifically require.

The Courses Cover

The following modules/units are available:

  1. CS30 Maintain the Chain Saw (Core module - must be done)
  2. CS31 Fell Small Trees
  3. CS32 Fell Medium Sized Trees
  4. CS33 Fell Large Trees
  5. CS34 Clear Individual Windblown Trees
  6. CS35 Clear Multiple Windblown Trees
  7. CS36 Cross-cut and Stack Produce
  8. CS37 Breakdown Medium Sized Broadleaf Crowns
  9. CS38 Climb Trees and Perform Aerial Tree Rescue
  10. CS39 Operate the Chain Saw from a Rope and Harness
  11. CS40 Carry out Pruning Operations
  12. CS41 Carry out Dismantling Operations

Course Duration

Call for details - depends on which modules are required.


National Proficiency Tests Council Certificates of Competence are awarded to successful candidates who pass an assessment.

Certificates of Competence for each or any of the Units included in this scheme can count towards National or Scottish Vocational Qualifications in which the Unit or Units appear.

Please Note:

It is strongly recommended that candidates hold at least a recent Emergency First Aid Certificate.



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Glasgow: 0141 530 7710

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