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Advanced Vibration Analysis and Diagnostic Skills


Reciprocating compressors generate vibrations caused by pulsation- induced forces, mechanical (unbalanced). Compressor frame vibration. Vibration measured at the frame results principally from the response of the mechanical system to the forces and movements that are occurring in the machine at the normal running conditions, these include the following factors:

We shall explain each of these topics in full during the process of the course.
Interesting we shall also explore vibration mitigation methods for reciprocating compressor system.

This is becoming more and more challenging because compressor speeds are increasing, thus resulting in higher frequencies to be mitigated.

At this stage we look at some Non-traditional vibration mitigation as mentioned above.

Who Should Attend This Course?


Objectives of this course is to present a systematic approach to Vibration Analysis - Fault Diagnosis and Failure Prevention in a broad range of machinery especially with reciprocating Compressors used in the process industry.

This is a very interactive type course, with many case studies-Group study and Self Assessment Questions for both Compressors and Shaft Alignment principles and explaining imbalance.

The course will be supported by CBT-3D Video for Vibration and Condition Based Monitoring, also a Computer Based Program by and finally an overview of Vibration Analysis by Mobius.

We shall also be looking at ways to decrease vibration in piping with reciprocating compressors. We shall also be covering the question of vibration mitigation methods for reciprocating compressors systems. We shall help the participants to understand what CLD and how it can help with reciprocating, unfortunately this has not been used in reciprocating compressors as it should have been. The other system TMD not often used, but can help if used properly.
CLD= Constrained Layer Damping.
TMD= Tuned Mass Damper.


Day 1- CBT – Introduction To Vibration (3D Simulation Video)

This discussion will be followed by Self-Assessment Questions based on the Video

Overview of machinery Diagnosis & Failure Analysis

Shaft Alignment


Day2 – Overview of Conditioning Based Monitoring (CBT)

Day 3 - Vibration Analysis In Action (Mobius CD Overview)

RCFA Principles (Root Cause Failure Analysis)

DAY 4 - Vibration Mitigation Methods for Reciprocating Compressor system.

Course Duration

Four Days


Certificate of Attendance or Certificate on passing the end of course test (if required)



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