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Process Piping, Structural Supports and Vibration Analysis


This course is designed for engineers and others who require an understanding of pipeline design. It is designed to be exhaustive but to present a basic understanding of the fluid flows in pipeline systems.

Candidates are introduced to the basic principles underlying fluid mechanics. The nature of statistics and liquids in motion will be studied and fundamental equations covering fluid flow will be applied to situations to which candidates are familiar. Candidates will, therefore, acquire knowledge as to solutions of problems that they may encounter in the future.

The course will conclude by putting theory into context by considering the installation of pipelines and fabrication techniques. Tutorials and additional help will be provided at all stages. There will be a dedicated section on Vibration.

This is a very interactive course with many case studies and group studies..

Who Should Attend?

The course is intended to provide an overview of piping for those involved in the , fabrication, maintenance, operations and to obtain a knowledge of how vibration effects pipes and piping systems. Specification of piping systems. Chemical, mechanical petroleum/refining, utility, plastics, environmental.

On completing the course they will be much more informed on the dangers of Vibration, how to deal with these situations in a professional manner. The level of the course will mostly be not difficult to understand.


Day 1 - Introduction


  1. Cost Analysis
    1. Total construction cost, diameter of Pipeline, valves and fittings
    2. Pipeline Pressure rating
    3. Installation of pipelines underground, pipe coatings
    4. Pipe supports, elevated supports
    5. Operational costs, manpower, equipment standing costs (Tankers, bulk vehicles, blending plants, filling gantries)
  2. Layout of Piping Systems
    1. Land ownership and use, rights of way, easements
    2. Existing roads and footpaths
    3. Natural features, rivers, canals, water mains
    4. Pylons, underground cables and services
  3. Pipe Sizing Calculations
    1. Reynolds number
    2. Dynamic and static head loss
    3. Pressure loss in elbows, valves and fittings
    4. Pressure loss calculation

Day 3 - Pipelines System Piping Supports & Anchoring


Day 5 - Pipe Fittings


Course Duration

Five Days


Certificate of Attendance or Certificate on passing the end of course test (if required)



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Bristol: 01172 230 014
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Manchester: 0161 660 7660
Norwich: 01603 857 877
Glasgow: 0141 530 7710

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