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Microwave Oven - Service & Repair


Electrical appliances provide a large percentage of accidents, both at home and at work. The legislation covering these appliances, The Electricity at Work Act, requires that all electrical systems be regularly inspected and tested to prevent accidents occurring.

Microwave ovens provide a higher risk of accidents, due, not only to electrical hazards, but also to high voltage and high frequency wave formations that can cause serious injuries.


This course will familiarize skilled or semi-skilled tradesmen with the internal components and operation of Microwave ovens to ensure their safe operation or repair should it become necessary. The course content will allow all delegates to gain hands-on experience with all repairable or replaceable parts and then to test the appliance for safety.

The Course Covers

Course Duration

Two Days


Delegates passing the test will receive a Certificate of Competence.


London: 020 8819 9561
Birmingham: 0121 374 0078
Bristol: 01172 230 014
Watford: 01923 51 00 20
Manchester: 0161 660 7660
Norwich: 01603 857 877
Glasgow: 0141 530 7710

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