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Recognizing and Responding to Bullying


In recent years there has been an increasing awareness of all forms of victimization: physical and sexual abuse upon children, the abuse of the elderly, bullying in schools, the work place and a variety of care settings.

Bullying involves the persecution, intimidation and hurt of someone who is, or is perceived to be, a 'weaker' person or less powerful person. The experience of being bullied is widely recognized as damaging (sometimes physically as well as emotionally) and has been highlighted by research, the media and national organizations as a cause for concern.

Although bullies can be people who hold positions of power and authority (e.g. managers in the work place) a great deal of bullying takes place amongst peers (e.g. between school children). In such situations, where there appears to be some level of 'equality of status' even if this is only on a superficial level, the bullying may be difficult to accept, detect and respond appropriately to.

These issues are even more complex when the bullying takes place in a care setting for people with mental health issues and problems.


This short course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of workers in mental health care settings. It will provide basic information about different types of bullying behaviour, the recognition of bullying and will enable participants to develop strategies for dealing with bullying behaviour.


The course will address the theoretical and practical issues involved in recognizing and responding to bullying behaviour sensitively through formal inputs, case studies, discussions and group work.

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One day


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